Home of MMA fighter Dave Tharme!

The Rampant's Pride is a traditional martial arts club, training in Clarke's Jiu Jitsu and Clarke's Grappling.

The Rampant’s Pride is a Jiu Jitsu club with a long history of creating solid, reputable martial artists.  The club’s founder and owner is Cairney Martin who is a 3rd Dan in Clarke Jiu Jitsu.  The founder of Clarke Jiu Jitsu is Jason Clarke.   Tim Clarke is the senior instructor of Clarke Jiu Jitsu.  Tim is joined by other senior instructors that have trained together in refining the Jiu Jitsu style over many years. 

The Rampant’s Pride is not a business.  We are not here to grow memberships to huge numbers or to make profit.  We are a collection of engaged members of society that want to share our lifetimes of knowledge in the martial arts.   With the children’s class you can expect a mixture of learned discipline and individualized coaching with your child, based on their learning aptitudes.  The adult class focuses on robust conditioning followed by learning effective techniques that have been refined based on decades of real world feedback and use.  There is a great sense of comradery at Rampant’s pride; between instructors, students and supporting family and we encourage you to come take a look.


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